2 Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance On May 19, Thanks To Jupiter & Neptune

Truth is the most important endeavor you can do in this lifetime. Pursuing truth does not imply proclaiming it  

just discovering it inside yourself and living your life from a point of high authenticity. In the quest of truth,  

you will be able to face problems, take risks on new adventures, and keep moving forward,   

knowing that it is what you are meant to do. The truth also has one of the highest energetic vibrations, so you'll be better equipped to attract more luck and abundance into your life.  

On Sunday, May 19, Jupiter in Taurus will align with Neptune in Pisces, creating an exceptionally auspicious and abundant day to enable you connect with the energy of divine truth and embrace your higher self.  

Jupiter controls expansion, luck, and abundance, so when it aligns with Neptune, the ruler of dreams, fancies, and spirituality, you begin to look at life more hopeful and deeper.  


Spend time listening to yourself. Believe in the concepts and ideas that come to you, and trust your intuition about the life you're intended to live — and what it will take to get there. You have a gift that you are intended to share with the world, and while you may be content with the life you've built, that doesn't mean you're not meant for more.  


It can be difficult to trust the new beginnings that the universe is trying to bring into your life, especially given how much has changed in the last year. You have actually overcome so much that you must guarantee that your attention is on the future rather than the past.  

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