3 Relationship-Lucky Zodiac Signs On May 18, 

On May 18, during the'reminder' transit of Moon opposite Neptune, we will discover that nothing is worth getting so fired up about. Three zodiac signs may believe their partner has pressed all their buttons. It's tempting to go nuclear, but Moon opposite Neptune reminds us not to get excited.  

Great part: we 'understand it.' We recognize where this is headed and stop it early since experience has taught us to stay calm and move on and that a minor misunderstanding shouldn't turn into an Oscar-winning drama.  

Only humans. People say to take everything with a grain of sand for a pleasant romantic relationship, but we say silly things sometimes. Chin up.  

Okay, then. This situation has gotten out of hand, and you're realizing that what happened between you and your romantic partner isn't worth it. Saturday, May 18 will be full with conflict, which is too much. You and your companion may fight ridiculously. Pride keeps you involved, and when you see it's stagnant, you'll leave.  


You become fierce and forceful, seeking to win at all means, Aries. During Moon's transit opposite Neptune, you'll realize that arguing in a relationship is pointless and that 'winning' is just a crazy pride game you make up. Your companion may be so confused by the drama that they laugh out loud. You accept this disarmament.   

What happened to you is over. Fooling yourself and telling yourself the truth. You'll realize that your restoration is complete. You survived. This is your other side. The past is gone, and your emotional scars will dissipate. Congratulations, Gemini.  

Learning to let go and take things lighter is vital because you sometimes take things too seriously, which has led to 'over the top' fights with your partner. If you're like this, you hate yourself but want to say the final word or strike the smartest blow. May 18 will certainly teach you to lighten up. Don't interfere.   


While Moon opposes Neptune, you'll realize your defensiveness suits a younger individual. Virgo, you're mature. Life has taught you that fighting for no reason is pointless. It relieves stress, but this is your sweetheart.  

You always start spectacular arguments quickly. That sounds serious, but theater and reality may blend, especially when disagreeing with a loved one. You and your partner differ on this matter. OK, it happens. You need to be correct, but during Moon opposite Neptune, you'll learn that romance isn't always about being right.  


Even though you don't compromise, you can see that staying together with your partner is preferable than breaking up over spilled milk. The universe says, "Oh, just get over yourself, Scorpio." You listen, which is intriguing. You understand. You apologize for being irrational and calm down.  

This relieves your partner and shows you that you may rest on May 18. It's feasible! Making an award-winning documentary from your life is unnecessary. You can snuggle on the couch with your partner instead. It's much better than fighting about who's 'the right one.' Peace and smiles are returning. Nice.  

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