3 Zodiac Signs Finally Take Priority May 18, 2024  

Venus conjunct Uranus on May 18, 2024, alters our views of love, romance, and relationships. Venus conjunct Uranus motivates three zodiac signs to prioritize themselves.   

These zodiac signs may love the concept of being with someone, growing old together, and living life together.   

They cannot ignore their inner voices. They hold back because they know better. Venus conjunct Uranus reminds these zodiac signs that falling in love when it feels right makes sense, even if they feel pressed to act.  

Aries, you may fall in love again, but you're ready. Since you don't want to become involved, you call it 'task'. Not now, no. You don't reject to fall in love, but you wish to put off the time, commitment, and drama of a relationship for another day.  


Venus conjunct Uranus boosts self-esteem today. You'll feel so happy about being alone and doing what you want on Saturday that you'll question if being single is a better'status'   

Even the thought of falling in love now makes you want to crawl back into bed. Everything in your life is starting to make sense, and the fact that you're single inspires you to reason things out and not fall in love. Taurus is adjusting to 'being single' and it works for you.  


Venus conjunct Uranus on May 18 gives you independence, and you appreciate it. Right now, you want open love. You don't want to babysit another adult or make big obligations, which is how you see relationships.   

Falling in love can inspire art, poetry, and music, especially if you desire to improve it. So leave the emotional turbulence to the artists, poets, and musicians. Starting May 18, you'll leave that chaos and live peacefully.   


Though you're not looking for inspiration, you've realized that pain—which you've encountered since falling in love—can be inspiring. Perhaps that's the price for a great time. You're uninterested, especially during Venus's conjunct Uranus transit.   

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