3 Zodiac Signs Have Luckiest Love Horoscopes All Week Starting May 20  

After a while, we realize we have to speak up for ourselves or we'll become people who always 'take it,' which is unhealthy. We will tell certain people in our lives that while we are sorry we cannot oblige them,   

we trust in our own gut feeling, and when this has to do with love and relationships, the three zodiac signs mentioned here this week may have to do some're-arranging' to the partnership and its 'rules.'  

Three zodiac signs tell it like it is this week, and while we didn't believe our relationships would ever listen, certain astrological transits will show us that sticking up for ourselves pays off.  

You're not thrilled about how things went with a romantic interest, but now that they're gone, you feel like you made the correct choice. Your relationship seemed to go from pleasant and promising to 'yikes, who IS this person, and do I really want them in my life?' in recent months.  


You know, Aries, that if you kept 'taking it' from that one individual, it would never end. You'd take it forever because you'd become the pushover who doesn't respond. That seems absurd to you because you are aggressive, adamant, and honest about your feelings.  

The aforementioned transits will assist you, so you'll know that everything you undertake will prove you're as Aries-Strong as gossip says. You've chosen righteousness, which shows self-love and self-respect, therefore it's a terrific week for you. Always good.  

After getting over certain situations, you feel peaceful and happy for the rest of your life. Your love partner didn't like you because you sat silently while they took over.  


Their takeover first relieved you and provided you a break. Later, Leo, you noticed that your spouse liked being in charge and seized control of you, which you knew was wrong. This week, you take charge and demand a healthy relationship conversation.  

While you're deeply in love with your partner, you've been straight with them about one opinion you have and won't change...ever. After telling them how you feel, your spouse may seem to have ignored 'the rules.'  


Give them a reality refresher here. You love this individual and aren't playing games. Of course, they love you equally, so say what needs to be said this week. You'll defend yourself to avoid misunderstandings.  

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