4 Painful Signs Your Crush Doesn’t Like You Back

Are you up all night dissecting every text and conversation with your crush, trying to figure out if they feel the same way about you?   

It's a difficult situation to be in, however there are clues that your sentiments may not be reciprocated.   

Here are four unpleasant indicators that your crush might not like you back.  

If you find yourself continuously starting discussions or making arrangements, it could be a clue that your crush isn't as committed to the relationship as you are. Pay attention to whether they appear excited about spending time with you or whether they create excuses to avoid hanging out.  

Lack of Initiation

Communication is essential in any relationship, including the initial phases of a crush. If your crush just responds with brief, one-word responses or takes forever to respond to your messages, it could mean that they aren't interested in communicating with you on a deeper level.  

Minimal Effort in Communication

When someone actually cares about you, they make an effort to prioritize spending time with you. If your crush often seems to be busy or unavailable when you suggest meeting up, it could indicate that they aren't as interested in developing a relationship with you.  

Limited Availability

Flirting and physical contact are common indications of romantic attraction. If your interactions with your crush are completely platonic, with no playful teasing or casual touches  

Lack of Flirting or Physical Contact

it could indicate that they consider you as a friend rather than a potential romantic partner.  

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