4 Zodiac Signs Who Are So Innocent  

Innocence is a quality that naturally captures people's hearts. In astrology, certain signs represent this trait more than others, exuding a pure and lovely air. Let us take a journey across the stars to discover our inner purity.  

Cancer, the gentle water sign, has a unique place in the world of innocence.   

1. Cancer.  

Cancers, ruled by the Moon, are loving and empathetic individuals.   

Dreamy Pisces, ruled by Neptune, emits a mysterious innocence that captivates people.  

2. Pisces.  

These caring spirits approach life with childish delight, appreciating the beauty in every moment.  

Libra, the harmonizing air sign ruled by Venus, has an innocence stemming from their search of balance and justice.  

3. Libra.  

They approach life with a gentle grace, seeking harmony in relationships and the world around them.  

Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, depicts innocence via their unlimited optimism and desire to explore.  

4. Sagittarius.  

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