5 Ways To Get The Glowing Skin Men Love

 Summer means losing clothes, and males enjoy women's skin. Its healthy, seductive radiance also pleases them.  

 To glow means not wintry pale, and to be healthy means not sunburned.  

 Want a stunning summer glow without the sun? This fair-skinned (often deathly pale) journalist fearlessly tested a fresh batch of faux-glow products, her first since the 2004 Great Self Tanner Mishap.

 Comodynes: Use Hydra Tanning Summer Glow lotion or Self-Tanning Towelettes for significant color.  

 In 2013, 39% of US chia seed beverage launches were juice and juice drinks, 22% were carbonated soft drinks  

 and color intensity that matches your skin tone, a comfort for individuals with excessively fair skin. Summer Fling Checklist.

 The before-and-after photographs on Beautisol's website of pasty-to-bronze transformations sold us on their Summer Glow lotion.   

 We exfoliated with Beautisol's Go Slough Yourself scrub (for even color) and then went to town.  

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