Avoid Ignoring These 5 Signs of Relationship Anxiety 

Have relationship anxiety? Do certain aspects of your relationship stress you out? Your relationship may have started easily.   

No relationship can thrive without effort. Unexpectedly, anxiety can protect your closest relationships. 

Anxiety won't let you ignore someone you care about. It keeps you aware of their and your needs. Partner anxiety exposes you to sensitivities that may be landmines. Your sensitivity may also indicate problems.  

Conflict and unmet expectations plague some marriages. In troubled relationships, anxiety might help solve the main issues.

1. Anger

This whispered worry makes you question your worth and your relationship. Insecurity strongly predicts chronic marital dissatisfaction and adultery. 

2. Insecurity

Ennui is another relationship anxiety sign that demands immediate response. Boredom is a marriage's warning sign. That “something wrong” is frequently chronic dissatisfaction that must be addressed for the relationship to 

3. Boredom

Marriage fosters avoidance too. It can manifest as excessive work hours, substance misuse, chronically separate hobbies, extensive travel, or infidelity. When you or your spouse ignore it, you increase your resistance to your partner and your marital dynamics.  

4. Avoidance  

Trusting people is challenging if you've learnt that asking for help has led to disappointment and rejection. Internalizing this lesson may lead to "lone wolf" behavior.  

5. Resentment  

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