Bill Skarsgård's John Wick Copycat Shatters 1 Unthinkable Keanu Reeves Record

Bill Skarsgård's action film Boy Kills World has been compared to John Wick in terms of style, action, and brutality.  

However, Skarsgård's film entirely destroyed Keanu Reeves' inconceivable record. Bill Skarsgård will star in three films in 2024  

including Boy Kills World and remakes of The Crow and Nosferatu. Moritz Mohr's feature directorial debut, Boy Kills World, is an action comedy-thriller that surprised audiences.   

Boy Kills World introduces viewers to Boy (Skarsgård). When he was a child, his mother and sister, Mina, were picked for The Culling, an event organised by Hilda Van Der Koy (Famke Janssen)  

to kill 12 people live on television. Boy was abandoned to die, leaving him deaf and mute, but he was rescued by a shaman who nursed and trained him back to life.  

Boy Kills World has been compared to John Wick because of its revenge concept, as well as its overall tone and style, and it broke an unfathomable  

Boy Kills World Ending Explained. Bill Skarsgård has no lines of dialogue in Boy Kills World. Boy Has Much Less Dialogue Than John Wick.  

Boy is left deaf and mute at the start of Boy Kills World, hence he doesn't have much language during the film.  

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