Caitríona Balfe warns Outlander fans of "a lot of peril" in season 7.

Fans should expect more from the highly anticipated seventh season of Outlander, according to Caitríona Balfe.

The first episode of Outlander season 7 will debut on Lionsgate+ on Friday, June 16, signaling the impending arrival of the series on our screens.

Speaking exclusively to ahead of the upcoming season, actor Balfe, who plays the adored nurse Claire Fraser, revealed that this season's filming schedule amounted to over a year and a half.   

"It was such an epic season," she remarked.   

Additionally, a lot has happened already this year. However, I believe the fans will be pleased, so hopefully."   

In response to a question about which scenes this time around startled her, Balfe said, "There are a lot...   

As opposed to season one, which was only told from Claire's point of view, this season was incredibly engaging because it follows several different plots. 

Season two was really Claire and Jamie's, and as time went on, we gradually opened it up.   

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