Chance the Rapper: Why Is He Leaving The Voice? Thus, *This* Is the Cause

A two-season wonder? Since quitting The Voice after two seasons, people have wondered why Chance the Rapper left and why he left after Season 25.  

Chance the Rapper (Chancelor Jonathan Bennett) joined Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and Niall Horan as a Voice coach for Season 23.   

While Shelton had coached since Season 1, Clarkson joined in Season 14, and Horan, like Chance, was new for Season 23.   

Sorelle and Chance placed fourth on The Voice Season 23. Gina Miles of Team Niall won.  

I decided to be a Voice coach because I adore giving emerging artists exposure, especially those who are experienced and know what they're doing but need the perfect limelight.   

Chance told NBC Insider before Season 23 that he joined The Voice as a coach to be involved.  

He added, “I think my biggest competition among the coaches is Kelly, because she's a seasoned vet, she's won a bunch of times, and people gravitate toward her because they know she's competed.   

He delivered his one Season 23 participant tip. My advice to artists auditioning is to be yourself.   

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