Chia seed drinks could become the next coconut water

 Chia seeds were most linked with Chia Pets plant-growing kits in the 1980s and 1990s.  

 According to Natalie Tremellen, industry analyst at Innova industry Insights, the Netherlands, beverage companies are integrating chia seeds' hydrating   

 and nutritional properties into juice, juice drinks, soft drinks, and drink concentrates and mixes.  

 According to Stephanie Pauk, global food science analyst at Mintel, Chicago, 12% of chia seed-containing products in 2013 were beverages, up from 3% in 2012.  

 In 2013, 39% of US chia seed beverage launches were juice and juice drinks, 22% were carbonated soft drinks  

 and 19% were drink concentrates and mixes, according to Innova's Tremellen.  

 Experts say chia seeds bring functionality to any beverag  

 "Chia seeds are often touted as the next superfood due to their many health benefits," says Brittany Carter, IBISWorld business analyst in Santa Monica, Calif.  

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