Daegu Jorim: Easy Korean Braised Cod.  

Recently, my enameled braising pan has been under heavy usage. Currently, I always leave it on the stovetop. This week I prepared a chicken and rice casserole,   

made a fast pan sauce, and toasted bread for avocado toast. Although we don't have a toaster, I don't need one with such flexible cookware!  

Braising is happening in my braising pan this time. My latest Korean-inspired recipe is spicy Korean braised cod, or Daegu Jorim. So excited for you to test it!  

Korean fish dishes usually use the whole fish. Because it flavors every bite, skulls, bones, and all. Most Americans aren't comfortable or secure cooking a whole fish.   

I think you'll like this version because it eliminates the need to pick through the fish to remove the little bones. A stew-like, hearty, all-in-one recipe. You get protein, veggies, carbs, and tons of taste.  

Each step is straightforward, and I'll explain it. Easy to make and forgiving, don't be afraid!  

Street Smart Nutrition Tip: "Jorim" refers to a cooking style where various components are cooked in a sauce that becomes a glaze. This post from JinJoo at Kimchimari explains Korean cooking procedures and offers side dish ideas!  


Cod fillets. Use fresh or frozen depending on availability; defrost before cooking. Big russet potato and baby bok choi (notes) Yellow or white onion Use sliced jalapeño peppers or equivalent green or chili peppers.  

Garlic Onions green Toasty sesame Low-sodium soy sauce Korean red pepper flakes (gochugaru)  

The substance Short- or medium-grain white rice, like Kokuho Rose (my favorite!) Reserved rice water from washing the rice will thicken and smooth the sauce.  

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