Dubu Jorim, an easy Korean braised tofu recipe.  

One of my favorite Korean tofu dishes, I cook it often for lunch. This is why I love it and think you will too!  

Simple comfort cuisine that's easy to cook. Just master pan-searing and braising, and you'll be a pro!  

Try this recipe if you don't like tofu, it's so delicious you may change your mind after one bite. Dubu jorim is a simple way to try Korean food, with easy-to-find ingredients and many options to customize it. Although I prefer it spicy, you can simply decrease the heat.  

Additionally, May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. I love being a mixed-race Korean American, but I rarely had recipes like this. I try to reconnect with my Korean roots via food. And I'm thrilled to share some of my faves on the Street Smart Nutrition Blog!  


Firm or extra-firm tofu. When seared, soft or silken tofu won't hold together. Soy sauce. I always choose low-sodium at home.  

Gochugaru (Korean red chili pepper flakes) with toasted sesame oil. I recommend finding this, but normal red pepper flakes would work in a pinch. Minced garlic  

Sugar Green Onions Toasting sesame seeds  

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