Each Zodiac Sign's Luckiest Day The Week Of May 20 - 26

On Monday, May 20, the Sun moves into Gemini, indicating that your ability to talk your way into success has returned. Gemini oversees your communication house, and the Sun represents your activities in life, so you must open up and begin enlisting the help, support, and understanding of people in order to achieve your goals.  


Venus, the planet that rules finances, will enter Gemini on Thursday, May 23, putting a spotlight on your financial situation. Venus in Gemini can help you see additional opportunities to increase your net worth while also allowing you to discover where your greatest delight can be channeled into something profitable.  


Jupiter enters Gemini on Saturday, May 25, ushering in one of the most wonderful years of growth and expansion. Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance, and Gemini will assist you in leaning into new beliefs, discovering your higher truth, and seeing life as more plentiful than you previously imagined.  


The Full Moon in Sagittarius will rise on Thursday, May 23, assisting you in implementing the changes you've been wanting to make in your daily routine and professional life. Sagittarius rules your health, boundaries, determination, and how you organize your days.   


You are strong and daring in pursuing everything you want or dream of, but it can often be beneficial to slow down and ensure that what you are wanting will help you develop the life you desire. As Gemini Season begins, the energy is lighter, allowing you to recognize how much power you have at your disposal.   


Everything in the universe prepares you to begin making new and broad moves in your profession or college path on Saturday, May 25 when Jupiter enters Gemini. Jupiter promotes riches and prosperity by opening up new avenues, and in Gemini, it directs this energy toward your professional life.  


Jupiter has just finished its transit of Taurus, and the South Node is in your sign of Libra. As much as you feel you've accomplished, the universe has more rewards in store for you and your life. You've been putting your needs first.


Gemini energy is the catalyst for change you've been hoping for. You were aware that significant changes were ahead of you, and while you have been carefully preparing for them, it has also been difficult to learn patience until those opportunities arise.   


On Thursday, May 23, the Sagittarius Full Moon will rise in your zodiac sign, bringing to fulfillment a personal theme that began with the New Moon on December 12, 2003. Sagittarius rules your sense of self, beliefs, and facts, which influence your life decisions.  


On Monday, May 20, the Moon in Libra will highlight your emotional connection to your professional route. Libra is a zodiac sign that regulates balance, and in this area of your life, it is assisting you in determining where things may need to change so that you may feel more fulfilled.  


Pluto stationed retrograde in Aquarius at the beginning of May 2024, taking you on an inward journey of your deeper truth and how to live an authentic life. Pluto in Aquarius is a new energy that you are still learning to work with, and it will assist you in achieving your goals in life.   


Consider the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 12, 2023; around this time, a new chapter began in your work sector, which has since progressed and is poised for completion with the Full Moon on Thursday, May 23.   


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