Each Zodiac Sign's May 18 Venus Cazimi Love Horoscope


Some say love flows easily, while others say it takes labour to last. The Sun conjunct Venus in Taurus reminds you of your mixed relationships. Consider your desires during this energy.   


Some days are better than others, especially when the Sun is conjunct Venus in your sign, work, position, and appearance might disguise love. When it's cazimi, the Sun outshines Venus, so you may have to work for love or prioritise relationships over business.   


Love can blind you, and when the Sun conjunct Venus, impure or motived intents may be hidden. Slow down in love to feel your emotions. Listen to friends' opinions of a new date. Don't ignore red and green flags.   


Friends' affection may seem deeper than you anticipated. A person's crush can be carefully hidden when the Sun conjunct Venus, yet you can tell they like you more than just a friend.   


Leo, it may be 'just another business day'. The Sun conjunct Venus makes you want to win at work, even on your day off. You may obsess with career improvements. Remove this thinking cap, especially if you're on a date or have plans with your spouse.  


Know-it-all. Sun conjunct Venus brings out folks who know a lot and want to share. Take use of the energy today. Attend a session with an expert speaker. Attend a local play to support the community.   


You may receive something you need. The Sun conjunct Venus highlights your love life, making it hard to show gratitude. Thanks might be written in a letter or expressed by treating your companion.   


Today is perfect for publicising your relationship or singleness. Sun conjunct Venus makes you and your love life more noticeable. Post your best images of you and your lover to demonstrate your affection. Hold hands in public. Don't be embarrassed to draw attention.   

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