Each Zodiac Sign's Tarot Card Reading For May 18, 2024

It's possible that something must give up in order to create space for something else. It may seem like a sacrifice, but in reality, it's a pass to something better. This is an excellent moment to assess where your time is actually going and what your priorities actually are, or at least what you believe they are.   


Although we may oppose change, it is eventually necessary and unavoidable. According to Mandy Hale, "Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong."  


You cannot control everything, Gemini, but that does not mean you should lose sight of the power in your hands. For example, how you work toward a goal or do not. This card's message is short and sweet: you have both gifts and obligations in your life.   


Cancer, you are capable of overcoming difficult challenges. You can even do things you don't want to do, despite the fact that every fiber in your being may fight the work at hand. This card conveys the message of endurance and effort.


Not everything that happens to us is positive, yet some good can come out of it. This can meet you where you are right now, knowing that it will not alleviate your anguish but will instead connect you to a greater sense of purpose.   


When your hand is guided by vision and purpose, it becomes even more motivated. A good place to start is to question why you do what you do, or what influence you intend to make with your efforts.  


It is important, Libra, to protect vital assets such as your heart. However, be cautious: a closed fist does not let anything out, but it also does not allow anything else in. Awareness and reflection will help you get through. Because it is frequently a matter of cultivating both.  


This card cautions against being tricked or deceived by an apparent shortcut; being distracted by glitter. So, when you're swiftly getting ready to take on a new opportunity, be sure you understand the complete breadth.   


Let us work together this year to create more compassion and love while reducing judgment and shame. This can be difficult to cultivate, especially if you grew up with opposing ideas. To do so, you may need to address deeply held ideas.   


To feel a revitalized spirit, you may need to let go of what you've been clinging onto. Perhaps outdated habits of thinking or disappointed expectations can put virtue in a box.  


The smallest things can bring you joy, Aquarius. This may appear to be enjoying simple, healthful activities that are available to you. Perhaps it's singing a little song while cleaning the dishes, basking in the morning light, or spoiling your pets.  


A sensitive mind can be your greatest strength, Pisces. Being confined to what your eyes can see can lead to blindness. Others may notice things you do not, but what is the point if they are not considered?   


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