Easy Blackberry Smoothie

This quick blackberry smoothie may be made with either fresh or frozen blackberries! It's bright, invigorating, and full of protein.  

It's smoothie season! Smoothies are my favorite summertime treat. They're so nice and delicious, and such an easy way to get a lot of nutrients in one drink!  

As you can see, this blackberry smoothie is the most gorgeous hue of purple! Sure, there are plenty of vivid green smoothies, but this purple smoothie is particularly stunning in my opinion.  

I kept this smoothie recipe basic, using only fruit, Greek yogurt, almond milk, and a few drops of stevia or another natural sweetener for extra sweetness.   

An added bonus: blackberries have numerous health benefits. They are high in fiber and include vitamins C, K, and manganese.  

Fresh blackberries should be vivid, deep-colored, and not crushed or rotten. Frozen blackberries also work!  

Frozen banana provides smoothies their greatest texture. Tip: Peel the banana before freezing it to avoid having to scrape off the peel while frozen!  

Plain Greek yogurt - I prefer full-fat Greek yogurt, but you may use any percentage of fat you choose. You can also use dairy-free yogurt if necessary.  

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