Elvis’ granddaughter fights Graceland foreclosure sale and alleges fraud

Graceland, the iconic Memphis home of Elvis Presley, is set to be foreclosed this week.   

The singer's granddaughter is trying to halt the sale, claiming fraud and stating that the supposed  

firm behind the sale does not exist and does not possess any legal claim to the property.  

was able to secure a restraining order barring any sale before a judge rules on her injunction request.  

A mother of Keough's, Lisa Marie Presley, who was also Elvis' daughter,   

passed away in January 2023. Graceland and Lisa Marie Presley's father's assets were left to her when he passed away in 1977;   

since then, their combined value has allegedly climbed into the hundreds of millions of dollars.  

"These documents are fraudulent," state the plaintiffs in Keough's case  

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