Ex-Raiders $72M Free Agent Bust Joins Contender: Report

Jimmy Garoppolo signed a three-year deal with the Las Vegas Raiders just a year ago, but the organization recently released him, putting him back on the free agent market.  

He didn't spend much time as a free agent, though.   

Garoppolo is inking a deal with the Los Angeles Rams, according to an ESPN article published on March 15 on X.   

The first two games of the Rams' season will be missed by Garoppolo as he serves a suspension for breaking the NFL's policy on performance-enhancing drugs.   

He has never before been signed with the express purpose of serving as a backup.   

One of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, Matthew Stafford, led the Rams to the playoffs the previous season.   

Next season, Garoppolo will be his backup. After just one season with the Raiders, it's obvious that he's not a starting-caliber quarterback anymore, but as a backup, he's rather valuable.   

For a team like the Rams, having a backup quarterback who can win games in Stafford's absence is crucial because of his injury history. 

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