Exactly why Lisa Vanderpump skipped the grand opening of Something About Her

 Lisa told US Weekly her biggest reason for missing her girlfriends. She's been out of the zip code of this cute little sandwich store for beats.  

 You cannot be in two places at once, despite my 9-year-old's repeated denials.  

 Lisa says, “I've been out of town,” adding, “I've been in Lake Tahoe,” “Vegas” and “New York.  

 I just returned from New York two days ago. I've been everywhere, she says.  

 Lisa utilized her own experiences to explain her absence, knowing how this sector operates.  

 We'll have a soft opening in a restaurant, but we won't invite guests until two or three weeks in to iron out the kinks.  

I'll avoid judging that now. Give them a few weeks to adjust. I guess that's what we do at restaurants, she said, promising to stop in.  

 Lisa then targeted Lala Kent, another absent VPR star. The reporter was asked if Lala was present.  

 She said, “Everything shocks me in this group, but I’m never that surprised. Because they move swiftly. I don't draw lines in the sand like others."  

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