Five Chinese Zodiac Signs Have Lucky Horoscopes May 20–26.

The five Chinese zodiac signs most lucky under its influence will have joy and delight this week, May 20–26. Horse, Ox, Tiger, Monkey, Dog. Before their luck horoscopes, here are basic messages for everyone.  

The I Ching hexagram of luck this week is Earth over Earth (#2), turning to Earth over Mountain (#15). It reminds us that luck won't come if we don't create room. This includes thinking we can get lucky and removing poisonous forces that don't want us to succeed.  

Unblock yourself and accept destiny's riches. If you can believe in this divine gift, amazing things will happen. Remember that luck isn't enough. Let it unfold at the correct time and pace. One cannot develop a tree in one month if it needs ten years of care before bearing fruit. Trust the method.  

Horse, don't underestimate the supernatural's impact on your life. These unknown regions, especially your dreams, will bring you luck this week. Dream journals might help you remember what you saw before your brain erases them. This will reveal deep insights and secret symbols.  

Horse: Lucky dream

Ox, your luck is fast this week. Leaning into it will help you reach your objectives and milestones faster. Speedy luck, after all! Remember: you may need to leave your comfort zone to get lucky. If you get the nudge, don't let your anxieties stop you.  

Ox: Speedy luck!

Tiger, your luck is introverted this week. Turning within and listening to your heart will reveal the proper answers. This will lock in your luck. This includes placing limits on socializing if you don't want to. Trust the method. Not every week of the year has the same social events and activities. The color green will bring you luck this week.  

Tiger: Quiet luck

Your luck is double this week, monkey. Good luck to people wagering on an investment, a new endeavor, or a casino game. This luck won't continue long, so know your bounds.  

Monkey: Lucky option

Dog, your self-esteem determines your luck this week. This luck will pass if you self-sabotage or criticize yourself. If you hype yourself up and believe your skills, the route forward will become clear. Luck removes hidden impediments.  

Dog: Quiet luck

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