Here Are 8 Little Red Flags That Someone You Love Is Pregnant

One way to tell if someone is confident or conceited is by how much they care about you. Confident people show interest in others, whereas egotistical people focus on themselves.

1. They talk about themselves. 

Confident folks talk often. They can entertain and captivate listeners. They are reserved and don't talk much about themselves.   

2. They chatter nonstop. 

Conceited persons generally joke about others or be caustic. Confidence lets them be honest about their interests and laugh at themselves. Confident people enjoy others' triumphs and joke situationally.  

3. They joke at others' expense.  

Conceited people generally have closed and guarded body posture because they constantly seek audience acceptance. Conceited persons are easily distracted by others' activities and struggle to focus on their audience.  

4. They're always seeking approval.  

To attract readers, egotistical people have polished and well-marketed online profiles. Email communication is polished and engaging. Remember, they're experts at grabbing attention.

5. Their social media seems overly polished.  

Conceited people make others feel invisible, but they still want their attention and acceptance. Instead of entertaining, a confident person is an involved conversationalist who helps others feel heard, stimulated, and more confident.  

6. They don't boost self-esteem.  

Conceited people criticize others. They criticize others, especially when they succeed. Conceptual individuals are uneasy when others are highlighted. A confident individual may acknowledge others' accomplishments and job well done.   

7. They criticize others.  

Conceited people are haughty. They claim superiority, importance, and worth. Because of this, they often speak disrespectfully. They also constantly mistreat others. Confident people understand that people are people.

8. They criticize others.  

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