Here is a ranking of the zodiac signs based on how reliable they are when it comes to keeping their promises.

Your word matters when signing a contract, shaking hands, or reassuring a friend. It's crucial for zodiac signs that keep their promises.  

Despite their deception, Scorpios are proud. Getting them to pledge may be like pulling teeth, but once they do, they'll do anything to keep it. Scorpio symbolizes contracts and laws. They appreciate their word and don't mince it.  

1. Scorpio

Anxious, neurotic Virgo analyzes every scenario to prepare for the worst. If they make a promise, they've probably considered all options and this looks like the best choice. Virgos are known for keeping their word.  

2. Virgo  

Capricorn's practicality prevents them from making unattainable promises. They revere friends and family and never break their promises. Breaking promises is hard for them.  

3. Capricorn 

How others see Leo affects their self-image. They'll do anything to safeguard their reputation, thus they usually keep their word. In order to impress, they sometimes promise more than they can give. Leo promises, but make sure they understand.  

4. Leo  

Cancer won't promise much outside their comfort zone, but they'll do everything for family and tranquility. They take passive-aggressive satisfaction in honoring promises.  

5. Cancer

Taurus are honest and upfront, but they always want to move ahead. They know breaking commitments is pointless. If they think they can do better, they will “renegotiate a deal”.

6. Taurus  

Aries takes promises seriously despite their impulsivity. However, they talk before thinking. When they swear vows and declare allegiance, let them a day or two to calm down before proceeding.  

7. Aries  

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