Juice Bowl with Berries and Superfoods

When I'm in the mood for smoothies, I tend to make the same recipe over and over again. Consistent time, location, and smoothie.   

Is this something you've experienced as well? My newest addiction is this recipe for a bowl filled with berry and spinach smoothies.   

The flavor is out of this world. For richness (and a touch of protein), I substitute a dollop of almond butter for the banana.   

Consequently, it has a subtle peanut butter and jelly flavor; it's very mouthwatering, and my spouse even approves. I have no doubt that it would also be well-received by children.   

Having the necessary ingredients on hand is not a problem. This bowl's creamy, chilled foundation is made with frozen berries and almond butter, so you can have the ingredients on hand without worrying about them going bad.   

It's nutrient dense and full of antioxidants! This breakfast is already packed with antioxidants, and the subtle flavor of spinach just adds more.   

You may increase the omega-3s even more by topping it with walnuts or hemp seeds. This is delicious as a dessert, but it would also make a great nutritious breakfast.   

Superfood smoothie bowl toppings include hemp seeds, crushed freeze-dried strawberries, whole blueberries, and coconut flakes.    

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