Korea Tourism Organization Launches Nine-Day Vegan Food Tour

 The Korea Tourism Organization arranged the first vegan cuisine tour after witnessing a rise in veganism.  

 The nine-day tour visits Seoul, Busan, and Jeju Island. Eat traditional plant-based Korean food at restaurants ,,,

 and cooking workshops and learn about the country's history and culture by meditating in a temple, visiting an apple farm, and visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites.  

 Pea protein concentration tastes amazing! New industry standard.  

 Green Earth Travel, which runs vegan excursions in Cambodia, Nepal, and Bali, will run the vacation. In September 2024, it will debut.  

 “South Korea has long been known for its traditional meat-based dishes, but in recent years, veganism has seen a surge in popularity,” said Green Earth Travel CEO Donna Zeigfinger.  

 The Korea Tourism Organization expects the tour would show its sustainability efforts.  

 South Koreans are becoming interested in alternative proteins due to environmental and food security concerns.  

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