Lemon Pound Cake

This pound cake is bright, lemony, and has a velvety texture. It uses pantry ingredients plus, of course, fresh lemons for a wonderfully zesty result. To prepare lemon pound cake, you will need:  

This lemon pound cake is full of lemon flavor, with lemon zest, juice, and extract in the cake, syrup, and frosting.  

A pound cake is a gift for anyone who enjoys soft, moist cake without a lot of frosting. The syrup drizzled on the top and sides adds sweetness to the dish,   

which is further enhanced by the powdered sugar-based glaze. This delicacy is equally lemony and sweet, making it ideal for those who enjoy sweet-tart flavors.  

Learn how to make lemon pound cake, and you'll enjoy having it on hand for treats all week.  

All-purpose flour: Gives the cake structure. Kosher salt: Enhances the overall flavor. Baking soda: Reacts with the acidity of sour cream and lemon juice to give the cake its rise.

Sour cream: Adds moisture and tanginess. You can use yogurt, too. Grated lemon zest and juice: For a burst of fresh lemon flavor. Granulated sugar: Sweetens the cake. Unsalted butter: For a buttery, tender crumb.

Large eggs: Binds the batter and gives the cake structure. Vanilla and lemon extract: Adds depth of flavor and enhances the lemony flavor of the cake. If needed, you can leave out one or the other in a pinch.

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