London's Best Vegetarian And Vegan Menus For Fine Dining

 We've covered London's lesser-known vegetarian eateries, but what if you want a special occasion restaurant that serves meat and vegetables ,,,

 London's top vegetarian and vegan fine dining menus include Hakkasan's truffle caviar and homemade jade tofu with morel bamboo pith .

 and gingko nut. More luxury restaurants offer vegetarian and vegan meals.  

 Though expensive, many use high-quality ingredients, culinary talents, and top chefs to prepare your meal.  

 Vegetarian restaurants often serve animal-rennet-based cheeses like parmesan.   

 Some utilize gelatine in pastries and sweets without warning non-meat eaters.  

 An imaginative nine-course Modern British vegetarian menu costs £195, with wine pairings for £175.   

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