Meghan Markle Allegedly 'Left In Tears' Over 'Unfair Criticism' Of Her ARO Brand

Meghan Markle launched her new lifestyle business earlier this year and has already introduced a limited range of jams.   

However, according to reports, the Duchess of Sussex has been "in tears" by the bad reception of the jams and lifestyle brand.  

Meghan will reportedly embark on a "Summer of Love" public relations campaign in the United States and the United Kingdom to improve her public image and the brand's reception when it launches.   

This comes amid reports that she and her husband, Prince Harry, are discussing a contract with Netflix that expires next year.  

Meghan Markle is reportedly upset about the 'unfair criticism' of her lifestyle brand. The Royal Family members attended Queen Elizabeth II's State Funeral (MEGA).  

Tom Quinn, a royal researcher and author, disclosed new facts about Meghan and her ARO business to the Mirror. He added that the former actress was devastated by American Riviera Orchard's response.  

Quinn highlighted that it would have had a significant impact on Meghan, especially given the criticism she had received for the new album.  

Quinn stated, "The one bug in the ointment is Meghan's new internet company, America Riviera Orchard. Meghan was in tears when the brand debuted, and her new song was widely  

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