Most Compatible Chinese Zodiac Signs  

Astrology says which Chinese zodiac signs are best for long-term love. Relationship success depends on Chinese zodiac sign compatibility.  

Pairing a rat and a dragon or vice versa is lucky. The Rat and the Dragon work because rat people are shy and blend in. Dragon people are bold, charismatic, and daring. They know how to get the rat out of their shell and admire their smart, quick-thinking mate.  

Chinese zodiac sign compatibility: Rat and the Dragon (Best match)

The dragon may seem to control the relationship, although the rat and dragon are equal intellectually. The rat's swift but curious personality and the dragon's noisy yet carefree energy make every day exciting.  

Although not romantic, the rooster and snake are very useful. They understand each other better than other people due to their meticulous yet ambitious character.

Chinese zodiac sign compatibility: Rooster and the Snake: (the most functional couple)

So they know when to compromise, when to yield, and what to say to motivate each other. Although the rooster is self-conscious and preens, the snake understands how to be nasty and cuts those who try to take advantage of its people-pleasing disposition.  

Despite lacking desire, they work hard. This coupling gives you and your spouse long-lasting emotional tools.  

The tiger and horse prove that opposites attract, even though the pairings have balanced opposites and similarities. Tigers are braver than horses. Where horses overthink, tigers act impulsively.  

Chinese zodiac sign compatibility: Tiger and the Horse: opposites attract

Fun and independence are their sole similarities. The horse will never try to manage the tiger, and the tiger will never dominate the horse.  

However, the rabbit and sheep demonstrate that dating someone precisely like you isn't that bad. Sometimes you need someone to understand how you react or, like the goat and rabbit, why you need someone to fade into the background.  

Chinese zodiac sign compatibility: Rabbit and the Sheep: Like personalities are the way to go

These two indicators' partners will replenish your social battery at crowded parties. You guys support each other. The rabbit and goat share ideals, therefore couples under these signs are comfortable being homebodies.  

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