New Girl Scout Makeup Collection Was Inspired By Your Favorite  

 Several months remain until the next Girl Scout cookie season.  

 Girl Scout councils usually sell cookies between January and April, according to the organization.  

 The latest HipDot cosmetics offering lets you still eat cookies.  

 HipDot has collaborated with odd partners before, like the Girl Scout release.  

 The brand introduced their quick noodle-themed makeup collection in early May, inspired by Cup Noodles' traditional hues and flavors, Tasting Table said.  

 HipDot has also launched surprising products with Hello Kitty, Reese's, and Peeps, according to its website.  

 Thin Mint has warm browns, dazzling golds, and muted greens, whereas coconut caramel has delicate pinks and chilly grays.  

 The three neutral lipsticks—peach, light pink, and taupe—are fragrance like lemon cookies, coconut caramel, and Thin Mints.  

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