Oatmeal Blueberry Cardamom Coconut Smoothie  

Looking to stay cool this summer? We love oats in the morning, but a refreshing fruit smoothie is calling my name on hot summer mornings. Oats provide whole-grain nourishment in this delightful Blueberry Cardamom Coconut Smoothie!  

Disclosure: Quaker Oats sponsored this recipe and blog post. Paid for my time. My opinions are always my own. Thanks for buying Street Smart Nutrition-friendly brands!  

Hot enough for you? After a harsh Midwest winter, I'm eager for extended summer days with plenty of sunshine and humidity.   

Snow and ice were severe, but we weren't slammed as hard as other sections of the country. Despite my dislike of ice on the road, I adore it in smoothies!  

I collaborated with Quaker on this delicious morning smoothie with whole grain oats.  

Adding healthy grains to a smoothie may seem odd, but stick with me. I believe oats can bring goodness at any time of day, whether you want anything savory, sweet, hot, or cold.   

They're a healthful canvas for culinary imagination, like this blueberry, cardamom, and coconut dish. I love cardamom, an unappreciated taste!  


In addition, old-fashioned oats are one of my favorite methods to add fiber to smoothies. Oats offer a distinct dietary profile with soluble and insoluble fiber. I know I talk about fiber a lot, but most of us can't get enough of it! A 1/2 cup portion of oats provides 4g of total fiber.  

Kefir, a fermented dairy product like yogurt, is creamy and tart. It makes this smoothie thick and creamy when combined.  

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