As their one-year anniversary approaches, Travis Kelce has 'no plans' to propose to Taylor Swift.  

According to a new story, Travis Kelce only thinks about Super Bowl rings over a year into his relationship with Taylor Swift.  

According to multiple sources, the Chiefs tight end and the pop star won't get engaged soon, Us Weekly reported Tuesday.  

One insider indicated Travis won't propose to Taylor.   

Not even on his radar. They continued that he takes marriage seriously and would never plunge into it without thorough contemplation.   

Another source stated the athlete 'cares very deeply' for the Love Story singer but 'he's simply not there yet' to propose.  

According to a source, Travis Kelce has no intentions to propose to Taylor Swift.  

The insider told Us Weekly the athlete wasn't ready to kneel.  

Another insider denied that the two will get engaged this summer earlier this year.   

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