Organic purple pointed cabbage: a trendy vegetable that could be here to stay

 Why are purple pointed cabbages not in supermarkets and greengrocers ,,,

 Why is this not the case is beyond TB&S' Coen Swager and Paul Leegwater's Tarno Schilder.  

 This new cabbage type complements the fruit and vegetable shelf and is flexible, easy to use, and quick to prepare.  

 Purple pointed cabbage is named that. TB&S only grows it organically and traditionally in the Netherlands  

 “We introduced this variety a few years ago,” says Coen. “It’s a red-pointed cabbage hybrid. Red cabbage gives it color and pointed cabbage gives it mild flavor.  

 Along with purple cabbage, this family business raises and sells normal and savoy pointed cabbage.  

 From 600 acres in the Netherlands and Portugal, they deliver fresh pointed cabbage and other open-field vegetables to Europe daily.  

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