Pajeon, Korean pancakes  

Before discussing Korean pancakes... Those who have followed A Spicy Perspective for more than a few weeks know I love world food. I adore trying new flavors, spices, and classic foods from our travels.  

Today's dish is none-of-the-above but nonetheless impressive enough to share. *wink*  

Korean pancakes: A classic savory pancake batter is blended with shredded potatoes and fresh vegetables, then pan-fried to perfection.  

No “unique” or “exotic” combinations here unless you count the dipping sauce's soy and sesame seeds.  

Never explored Korea. I only passed through Seoul Airport on my way elsewhere.  

My family loves a Korean restaurant in Asheville, and we must get the Pajun Korean Pancakes. They may be the best dishes.  


For Pajeon: All-Purpose Ingredients: Flour, Water, Eggs, Sea Salt. Frozen Hashbrowns Shredded Carrots Zucchini with Bell Pepper  

Salad green onions Pepper Vegetable Oil (Cooking) For Dipping Sauce: soy sauce low sodium water Rice vinegar and sugar sesame oil Garlic with sesame seeds crushed red pepper  

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