Preventing Minor Issues from Escalating into Major Problems in Your Relationship 

It may seem insignificant, but letting them pile up will quickly become a problem.  

All couples fight. Happy couples argue well. They prepare for disputes and handle their emotions to avoid resentment.  

Dr. Gottman found that just 9% of couples are emotionally available. This leaves 91% of our relationship open to misinterpretation.  

Happy and unhappy marriages make errors. We all upset our partners. Happy couples repair small issues early and often.  

Certified Gottman therapist Zach Brittle says, “Unresolved conflict often lingers like a stone in your shoe. Whether by simple misunderstanding or purposeful enmity, wounds persist and deepen until treated.  

No matter your role in the debate, you must listen and understand your partner. The Gottman Method's Aftermath of a Fight exercise helps couples do this.  

Let's examine how Mark and Julie (names altered for anonymity) have healed their minor emotional wounds and remained allies.  

A small argument escalated into a fight. It started innocently as they left for their cabin weekend trip. Mark posted to Facebook while distracted in the car waiting for his wife.  

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