Strawberry Cake

This strawberry cake contains pureed strawberries in the batter, a strawberry reduction in the icing, and whole berries on top as a lovely decoration.  

This strawberry cake is perfectly fluffy and delicate, capturing all of the delicious flavors of fresh berries. The strawberry puree reduction in the creamy icing adds a concentrated flavor.  

Strawberry puree and strawberry gelatin combine to give the cake layers a delicious strawberry flavor. Every bite contains strawberries—and strawberries on top.  

It doesn't hurt that the gorgeous bright pink color is adorable. The strawberry speckles in the frosting not only provide character to the cake, but the strawberry reduction gives the icing a "fresh" strawberry flavor. In simply, if you like strawberries, you'll enjoy this cake.  

Learn how to prepare this handmade strawberry cake, and everyone will be thrilled when it arrives at the table.If you've ever attempted to create strawberry cake using fresh berries, you'll know there's a common issue:  

berries are difficult to bake with. You can add sliced strawberries to a cake, but pieces without fruit may fall flat. Boxed mixes contain artificial flavorings, which may not taste very fresh.   

But we were determined to use fresh strawberries in our homemade strawberry cake, so that's exactly what we did.  

We begin by puréeing some fresh berries. The puree is then mixed into a cake batter, substituting part of the liquid to keep the mixture from being too watery.  

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