Taylor Swift interrupts her final Stockholm concert to check on fans, and fans applaud.

Taylor Swift plays at Friends Arena on May 17, 2024, in Stockholm, Sweden.  

Swifties are pleased that Taylor Swift continues to watch out for them night after night as she takes her Eras Tour to record-breaking crowds across the world.  

On the final night in Stockholm, Sweden, she took a moment to clarify some emergency signs mid-show to ensure she knew when someone in the audience needed help,   

as seen in a new video published to X (previously Twitter) by one of the attendees, Angelina. Fans were pleased to see that she was paying attention.  

Swift stood in front of the microphone, guitar strapped to her shoulder, ready to sing the night's first surprise tune.  

"This is just, um, I'm just," she said before gesturing into the crowd in front of her. "Someone in the front row can either tell me 'yes' or 'no' to this question  

When you guys are putting a bunch of flashlights up in a group, does that mean people need help?"  

It appeared to be a question about something she'd seen earlier in the night, and once someone in the crowd confirmed its significance, she pledged to alert security if it happened again.  

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