The Most Realistic "Ick" That a Dating Coach Has Ever Heard 

Have you previously felt the "ick"? That all-consuming, unexpected emotion of disgust?  

Many men and women have discussed their "icks" on the internet. These are usually trivial and easily ignored.  

But one "ick" sticks out as the most legitimate "ick" he's ever heard of, dating expert Mark Groves claims.  

Groves claims that the most legitimate "ick" he has ever heard is when someone rejects your emotions.  

Being met with your partner's apathy when you express difficult emotions such as hurt, betrayal, fear, or anguish is a clear warning sign.  

But that's hardly the worst aspect of it. The biggest "ick" of all is having to defend your feelings to your significant other.  

According to Groves, "You deserve someone who offers you straightforward empathy that you feel a certain way."  

It is disrespectful to your partner's feelings if they feel that your partner must share your feelings. Furthermore, that's not precisely the formula for a happy, healthy partnership.  

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