The Sun's entry into Gemini on May 20 brings plenty to two zodiac signs. 

 While abundance is always your destiny, it may not appear regardless of your actions. Instead, each decision moves you closer or further from your divine destiny and desired existence.  

You have the power to see that no matter the scenario or problems, you can always choose to positively change your life and manifest a life of wealth.  

The Sun enters Gemini on Monday, May 20, starting a new zodiac season and teaching you about choice  

Due to its air element and duality, Gemini is outgoing and provides more opportunities into your life. Whatever happens, you must select your path, life, and identity.   

Your decisions are not random. Instead, they serve as hinges or stepping stones to help you achieve your goals and produce divine riches.  

Empower yourself to make the choices that will bring you all you want, knowing that every choice, no matter how tiny, can lead to a more plentiful and amazing existence.  

1, Virgo  

All your efforts have equipped you for life success. Everything you've invested in yourself—long hours, new risks, or leaving your comfort zone—is going to pay off.   

 2. Aquarius  

Just wanting happiness is enough. To state that your life invention is enjoying life and being with loved ones. Although you're always focused on your career and finances, it's enough to say you're entering a time of life where happiness is your first goal.   

May 20, 2024 Love Horoscopes for All Zodiac Signs