The Vegetarian Keto Diet: What Are Some Approved Foods?

 Plant-based or vegetarian diets can be healthy. Less chronic diseases and better life expectancy are common in vegetarians.  

 That high-fat, ultra-low-carb ketogenic diet makes you think of bacon, burgers, and butter.  

 Some claim it can help you lose weight, improve cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar (but there is little evidence).  

 Vegetarian keto is possible. It'll require more brainpower and forethought than the standard ketogenic diet.

 so we'll explain what you can consume and some common traps to avoid.  

 This food list will get you started. Think protein, fruit, and loads of veggies like zoodles.  

 Tofu, seitan, and tempeh are low-carb vegetarian proteins. Tempeh has more carbs than tofu and seitan, but it also has fiber, making it keto-friendly.  

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