Three Zodiac Signs End Their Struggles May 20–26.  

The week of May 20–26, 2024, three zodiac signs will know we must improve our gullibility and false hope. We're studying cosmic scenarios that reveal our naivety and how we might change. These signs were overdue for a change.  

A Moon opposite Mercury, Sun trine Pluto, Sagittarius Moon, Venus in Gemini, Jupiter/Neptune alignment, Moon square Saturn, Jupiter in Gemini, and Moon square Mars occur this week. This cosmic soup may be 'tasty,' but we let the components simmer before it's 'eaten'  

This implies we will be able to reflect on our silly naivete and see what needs to be done in the future to stop making decisions based on naivety. This week has taught us many great lessons, and the strength is in the belief that they will come eventually. We won't be deceived again or make naïve choices.  

You may have thought you could get away with everything due to your charm and kindness. Unfortunately, you've learned to use your compassion as a weapon, so individuals you've helped never feel comfortable challenging you on something that may not be 'as kind.'  


Cancer, this week demonstrates you were ignorant about people. People notice your subtly aggressive behavior.   

Virgo, you believed you could, but you can't. As the zodiac's perfectionist, you sometimes feel too much pressure. You'd think your expectations of others would disappoint the most. Only your own self will disappoint you.  


Your self-confidence is high. That's great, but it makes you think you can do things you can't, which may demonstrate your naivety. You have lofty ambitions and big aspirations, but this week teaches you that you may have fooled yourself into thinking you're above it all.  

You don't lose control easily, and you may have made yourself into an ideal. You think you're better than others. While you don't flaunt this, it makes life difficult when you're proven that you're no better than others.  


Scorpio, you've accepted that you stupidly thought you could do something you couldn't alone. You wanted all the credit, so you made it impossible for others to enter. You excluded them from helping.  

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