Tim McGraw Shocks Fans After Admitting New Role Is "Like Nothing I've Ever Done Before"

It is an exciting time to be a Tim McGraw fan! The country music star, who is currently on his Standing Room Only tour, made some huge disclosures this week, much to the astonishment of his internet admirers.  

Tim's fans will be familiar with his acting credits, which include Friday Night Lights, The Blindside, Yellowstone spinoff 1883, and more.   

He's returning to the small screen with a role in a new Netflix series. The streaming site refers the it as "a contemporary cowboy saga."  

On December 11, 2021, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill attended the world premiere of 1883 at the Encore Beach Club at Encore Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada.   

Look Back on Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's Marriage According to Deadline, the show is set in the world of competitive bull riding and "follows a megastar champion (Tim McGraw)   

facing a life-or-death crossroads when confronted by the arrival of a fearless young rider whose very existence challenges  

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Tim posted a photo of the writing on Instagram, stating, "This is unlike anything I've ever done before...". I'm very eager for you to see   

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